We help organisations, small businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Geelong and the Bellarine grow.

Become the business you want to be with some help from your neighborhood marketers at Cult Classic Studio. With over ten years experience working with businesses across Australia to increase and engage their customers, our team are excited to work with you, too!

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Our happy clients include:


Welcome to Cult Classic Studio!

Sharing your passion with the world as a business owner can be stressful. Believe us, we know.

You’re expected to be a jill-of-all-trades, managing mountains of details while attracting new customers, balancing the books, tracking stock and training staff.

Is it any wonder that 85% of small business owners like us spend sleepless nights stressing about our business? [iCare Foundation Study, 2018].

Here at Cult Classic, we're energised by supporting local businesses to thrive! With more than 10 years marketing and digital engagement experience, our passion is helping you increase brand recognition, drive new customers, encourage return visits and generate word-of-mouth!

Sound good? It’s about to get even better. For a limited time, we’re offering a 30 minute introductory strategy session - completely free. Book yours in today!

A few of our exciting services:

Website Design & Maintenance

An engaging website is non-negotiable for small businesses invested in growth.

Our team will not only design and build your business a brand new, mobile friendly website, we’ll build it on a platform that makes it a cinch to update.

Or, if you've already invested in a website you don’t know how to use, we’ll update it with fresh content as often needed.


Content Production

Engaging content is critical to an effective marketing strategy. Have you got a vision but no fancy gear?

Let us help you. We can shoot high-quality photographs, video or drone footage for distribution on your website or social media channels.

We can also draft distribution plans, social media posts, advertisements and website copy to communicate your passion to the world.

Search Engine Optimisation & Adwords

The most common question we get? How do I get my business to come up in Google? Our team can help with that.

Working with you, we will develop a strategy to get you noticed on search engines like Google and Bing.

We can also create a paid advertising campaign designed to attract new customers.


Social Media & Paid Advertising

Every day, people use Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor to leave reviews and ask for recommendations on products and services. Without a presence, your business is at risk of being left behind.

Our team has more than a decade of social media experience helping build and manage a presence on social platforms, using creative content to increase engagement and drive growth.

Email Marketing

It’s all about who you know right? Effectively communicating with your customers builds loyalty and generates ongoing business.

Using email marketing tools we can connect with your current and potential customers about everything from upcoming sales to new products. We can even let them know there’s an item left in their online cart.

Our team can help you build custom emails or manage sending them as regularly as you need.


Workshops & Training

Are you hoping to build your marketing skills or dive into it for the first time? You’re in luck! Our team are happy to share their skills and experience in marketing in individual or group training sessions.

We will dispatch someone to you, for a half-day or full-day workshop.

Occasionally we also provide public workshops - we will announce those here.


Some essential marketing know-how:


Limited time offer!
Book your free 30 minute introductory strategy session today!

For a limited time, we’re offering local businesses an introductory strategy session - free!
An experienced marketer from our team will meet with you to discuss your current challenges and needs, before providing some marketing strategies to get you started. Sound good? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP !

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